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Originally Posted by Jimslawncareservice View Post
You know in the mid 90s when I was a teenager I dug lots of holes for cattle fence we always set the post in water. Our water table is 0-4 ft. Now its 6-10 ft. We dig holes now, even in the spring to 6ft and no water. It's just odd. I'm in mn and feel like I'm in Indiana.
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Same here with our Water tables. I am just hoping it is the Pacific Oscillator combined with a Sun cycle type influence. Not a much longer term Global type climate change. The southern PO can last 10, 20, 30 years in El Nino, La Nina, or Neutral. I think the PO has been in the La Nina stage which usually means drought for large areas of the US. The Sun usually changes cycles every 10 years and is supposed to go into a cooling phase beginning in 2013 ie little or no Sun Spots
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