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There's room for both new and old in our fleet and while we do love our new cutting dump trucks and the 0 down time with them. I still keep and 89 gmc 3500 dump shes ugly I don't enjoy driving her I let the employees drive her where ever possible. I keep her very local I don't even like leaving the town with her but for brush and sticks and jobs where your going to get scratched and dinged its the perfect truck. I have my eye on some more land next to my home which will put me over 10 acres when I get it and even though I do intend to keep adding new trucks to the fleet I love the idea of keeping the old gmc as a dedicated dump truck to bring to the recycling place. Have the new trucks dump their grass loads each day at my place then use a loader and fill up the old truck. It will save taking 4-10 trips plus when it gets dirty I don't care and the yards are always either extreme dust or mud.
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