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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Snow is one thing I forgot to mention about commercials. You might make some money doing snow for residentials, but if you bid right, you can make a killing on show with retail stores. They're willing to pay because they don't want to get sued if somebody slips.

Obviously it's different in different areas, but around here...Walmarts want black pavement 24/7 and they're willing to pay for it. We got a Walmart contract in the middle of last winter because the previous LCO couldn't handle it.
I'm in my second year now and I was thinking about going out and getting some commercial snow plow accounts, but I always hear people saying that it's not always worth it because of the insurance costs and that more often than not somebody always ends of slipping and sueing. Not sure how true that all is but you seem like you guys do pretty well with it so IDK.

Would it be worth it to just have one big snow plow account like a Walmart to start out or stick with smaller commercial and resi accounts you think?
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