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I don't know why any body would complain about new guys getting into the business and getting all new equipment. When these guys go under and the repo men come, the equipment has probably seen little hours and the trucks probably have little use damage. That's when others get to step in and buy the slightly used cheap.

This spring I picked up a couple almost brand new plows on craigs list. They were all from guys who bought last fall/winter for extra income and when we didn't get any snow they couldn't afford the payments and needed to unload them quick. I picked them up cheap, turned around and sold them for what they were worth. Made some nice easy cash. I've done the same with a couple enclosed trailers as well.

As far as justification for spending money for trucks with all the bells and whistles. I spend a lot of time in my truck, it's not only my transportation but for the most part it's my office as well. It's were I do 95% of my phone calls, billing, scheduling, designing, I like to be comfortable in it. It's a 07' f250 crew cab lariat, I bought it in 10' when it had less than 40k miles on it. A few guys I know thought I was crazy getting a 3yr old lariet, tried to tell me to go with an older XLT. But the amount of time and miles I do, I couldn't disagree more. I have been looking to trade it now for an 2011-2012 slightly used crew cab f350 lariat. If business was a little better this year I would be driving a brand f350 or 450 lariat.
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