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Scag turf tiger hydro/wheel motor failure

I noticed my left side hydro was making some extra noise. When the mower was cool it was fine but after 30 min it would get worse and loose power. I also felt like the side started to freewheel at high speeds. It kinda felt like the grass was real slippery and hard to keep the mower steady.

After a full day of pushing the mower it gave out on a hill. I think the filter clogged up. The whole system is contaminated with metal flakes. I did notice the right side sticking a little before the failure probably because all the metal flakes were in there. At this point I have flushed the wheel motors and cleaned the reservoir.

I am leaning towards replacing both hydro's to be on the safe side. I was told I could probably clean out the right side hydro and it would probably be ok. I am still wondering if this could have been a wheel motor failure and don't know anyway to check them.

Any way to check the wheel motors?
Are my new pumps safe to try if it was a wheel motor failure?
Can I flush the cooler and the rest of the lines by catching it on the return line?
Can the right side contaminate the left side If I only replace the left hydro to to see if the right is still good?
Any other ideas or suggestions?
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