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Ditching my partner and going solo!

Ok a little rant here. A little advise from the veterans would be appreciated.

My story: I started a small mowing biz with my buddy last season. We have grown from 13 customers last season to 29 this season. I do all of the office work, billing, estimates, landed all of of our clients, scheduling etc.

He: Doesnt stroll out of his house until 8 or later, makes me wait when I want to be on the road by 7. Is picky about what jobs he wants to do. Is above working weekends (Saturday). He says hes worked enough Saturdays in his life and hes only 38 yrs old and lives with his wife at mom and dads house.

We had rain the last 2 days so we got a little backed up. I have customers that want their lawns cut Saturday (tomorrow). I said no problem I will go out on my own and do them. My partner gets pissed at me because i said I would service them. He wanted me to wait until Tuesday.He said that I am taking money out of his pocket by working Saturday. There is absolutely no reason why he cannot work Saturday other than he is lazy and doesnt want to work. To me he seems like an unreliable laborer I would have 6 pissed off customers if I did that. He does not have to handle the phone calls if someone gets pissed. And if i do get a call from someone unsatisfied and I tell him about it, he just shrugs his shoulders as if it is no big deal and says "Whatever dude".

So, how do I go about getting rid of him. I want to be solo next season. Then I wont have to deal with his BS. I have purchased most of the equipment with my own money. He doesnt contribute anything to the biz. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for readin and understanding.

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