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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
My state handles "homemade" and professionally manufactured trailer registrations differently. I forget all the details, but be sure to check with your DMV before you have someone go and weld up a trailer for you. The guy who built mine had a trailer design that had already gone through the DMV process and I just had him build one up for me with some material and minor design changes. It goes a lot quicker when they have a jig set up for laying them out and welding them. I would think that it would be cost prohibitive to have a fabricator do it all from scratch, without having a design and jig already.
totally right... the company I dealt with does mostly mining equipment, but will do custom stuff too. They probably build 30 or so trailers a year. In WV if you do a "homemade" trailer to get a DMV title and registration, the trailer has to pass a state police inspection, which if a fabricator knows what they are doing, they should do all of this before you sign off.
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