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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I feel I am in somewhat of an adventageous position as I own most of my equipment from being part time for so long. I can still have an income while trying to "test the waters" this spring to see if the market is still there in my price range. If I see that things are not as good as I hoped I can go back to work. So we shall see..... The part that stings the most is the 7 years of college (bachelors & masters), 2 years of internships (unpaid!) only to watch my wife with only her bachelors make double what I do, seems right
I do believe in higher education as I have a degree in electronics, but I also have come to realize that higher education doesn't equate to higher pay in most cases, it's just higher education and that's about it. I've told my story on here several times, and I'm having the best year I've ever had, FINALLY after struggling for the past three years something finally clicked and I'm extremely happy about my choice to become self employed, the work is out there you just have to go get it and keep going to get it.
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