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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
I have always wondered what the big deal was about walker mowers? I have only ever seen 2 being used ever around here. From what I see these are my thoughts on them.

1. They take up WAYYYYYY too much space on a trailer
2. We do not bag anything nor do most guys around here
3. They are painfully slow
4. The between the legs steering setup just seems "funky"
5. The 3rd wheel stripe is just down right fugly
6. The two I seen was leaving a sub par shaggy looking cut

So what is the deal? What am I missing? I must be missing something because I see people talking about them like they are the holy grail.

#1............ REALLY?????????????????????????????????????
You've measured one and determined this measured against what brand and model of mower?????????????????????

Because the TRUTH of the matter is that there is very little difference in room used by the walker I own and the 60" mid mount I own.

The rest of the comments............
Are comments from the uninitiated.

And some personal opinions too I suppose.

Just accept it and move on.
Obviously they have a place but not for your type of mowing.
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