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Update. I got the job done plenty early. I thought it would take 2 or so hours. It took 3 because of a bunch of volunteer trees growing all over. I also removed a bunch of maple leaves and trimmed a few shrubs. She was over excited over nothing. Still frustrating. I never saw her or hears from her the whole time, or after. I dont think its ever looked that good.

It crossed my mind to do sub par work. But thats not me. So I did my normal top notch work.

On a side note, my dump just had a blown fuse, bit luckily it did because the fuel pump was leaking and had a hole in it, plus my front fuel tank was about to fall off. I thought I hears something on the way to town. Must have been the strap breaking. Oh well, it will be fixes and ready to for leaves and of we get snow this winter.
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