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Originally Posted by BPS## View Post
#1............ REALLY?????????????????????????????????????
You've measured one and determined this measured against what brand and model of mower?????????????????????

Because the TRUTH of the matter is that there is very little difference in room used by the walker I own and the 60" mid mount I own.

The rest of the comments............
Are comments from the uninitiated.

And some personal opinions too I suppose.

Just accept it and move on.
Obviously they have a place but not for your type of mowing.
We've been here before bro. Personal opinions are a huge part of this site including yours. You may own a Walker and a Z, but what you report here is still your opinion about them.

I don't own a Walker, and I don't need to to know that the cut is no better than what I am getting from my Z(s). Like I said above, there are two guys near me running at least 3 different Walker mowers with 3 different decks (one guy has at least 2 that I'm aware of that he mows with). I get first hand, up close looks at their cuts all season long, and they are no better than anything else out there. Also like I said before, they have their place for certain apps like bagging, but they certainly aren't the be all end all of mowers that many try to make them out to be. Maybe when they first arrived on the commercial scene in any real numbers, they offered a better QOC, but not any longer. Most brands of machine, and types of deck will do anything that a Walker can regarding QOC and in some will cases do even better.
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