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lugnut, according to documentation, george came down with pnemonia, and the day after treatment by the local physician, he croaked. yup, the treatment was to poke a hole in him, and drain a bucket of blood. they would have been better off taking pop shots at him from 500 yds. and pelican, my doctor says im just fine as long as i stay on my medication. as far as o.j, i mean, mr. simpson, i was not trying to relate that to deer hunting, i was just changing the is clear to me now that what happens here in nj is not the same as what happens where u boys live, but soon enough, it will be, then, maybe u will understand. and btw, u saw the verdict, not guilty. if he did it, why was he let go? and finally parkwest, thanks for the compliments, just a few things i need to make clear. i will share my lunch, share my equipment, even share my wife, but, i will not share a pitcher of beer, its mine, all mine.
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