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I wish i could tell you how it has held up but i sold off my business in 2010. The gentleman i sold the truck to was another landscaper from here on lawnsite, just cant remember his screen name. The leaf setup worked really well on THAT particular dump body because it was all very light weight and made of pvc or plastic so there was nothing to rust except for the brackets which are cheap if need be. I can tell you though i have never seen a better system in my area except for some of the municipal trucks.

For the guy asking about the loader: i only kept this setup for leaf season. The leaf box and loader/table came off after the first few months of the year when spring cleanouts were done being scheduled. I suppose you could leave ot on for sucking up grass from the walkers but we always just muscled the 9 bushelsby hand because it was just a lot faster. Even when rhey are heavy its cheaper and faster to kust buy 4 or 5 bags to have i. The truck and you can always just fill em and leave them sit until you are done with a big cut and then have two guys throw them in the dump.

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