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The biggest mistake that guys make when coming up with a leaf box for their truck is that they try to seal it up. In fact you need to have at least twice the volume of air to be able to exhaust as you are blowing in when operating the leaf loader. The whole point is to let the loader move the material into the truck, but then the material needs to be able to fall out of the air stream and not try to exhaust with it out of whatever enclosure you have built. The way to achieve this is by having at LEAST twice the available air movement out of the box as you have coming in. with that in mind now you can design a box that will function properly for whatever dump body you are using. If its a shorty style 8' dump you will want your openings near the back of the truck so that the material can deposit at the front. When you have the larger 12-14' versions like mine was your options become much more flexible as you can see from the pics. Good luck amd let us lnow what you come up with.
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