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Don't take it wrong--I really like centipede, but after years and years of working with it, there isn't too much issues. It does not require as much mowing as some other types, simply because it does not require as much proper fertilize as other grasses--just the right type. In working with it, water is very important. Most people slowly poison it with a chlorine based potassium (Muriate of Potash) and turn around and mow it too close. It would do just fine with nothing on it except water and not mowing. Fence off a spot and let it go with nothing but water. It loves an acid pH so amending with sulfur two times a year and staying off it (Not much foot traffic). So it's not suited for frequent mowings, children, pets, which nullifies having a lawn. In Charleston, SC they have postage stamp lawns of it in some of the old town and it is beautiful, but never walked on AND MANAGED every day. IF that was a goal of mine and had the time, then centipede would be my choice. Then there is the real world. I sorta think it would do well in cemeteries.
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