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I Inked mowing price on my door hangers when I started. It was a rough estimate/ base price (NO bagging clippings). I would not snoop around the back, just try to estimate from what I could see from the front. When I'd get a call I'd tell them that the price was rough estimate & I usually was accurate. After seeing backyard (obsticles & size) I'd let them know if it was more, but first mow price was what I put on door hanger. If they want clippings bagged it was also additional fee. If I estimate i can mow whole lawn without dumping mower basket I usually don't charge extra. I estimate how many times i will need to empty basket (big Toro Proline basket) & charge $5 per trip to truck. If i get 3 baskets of clippings, that is 2 trips to the truck to empty while mowing so charge $10 extra to bag clippings.
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