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Originally Posted by Blades Lawn Maintenance View Post
Hey y'all I got a quick question. I started this thread cause I was thinking I need a bigger truck but what do y'all think. I have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 that pulls a 6x12 with a 50" ztr and a 33" walk behind. I plan on making this my career so should I try to invest in a Bigger truck right now or am I good with the truck I have?

I started with a dodge 1500 and it did a fine job. Always did what I asked it to and nothing ever broke on me. It quickly became apparent though that a diesel would be helpful for better mileage and longer lasting engines, and would be necessary for pulling heavier loads for installs.
I paid off my dodge 1500 as quickly as I could (stupid choice to finance it but whatever) and saved up for a 3/4 ton. I love my dodge 2500 with the CTD. It pulls my maintenance trailer with ease and gets 4-5 mpg better than my gasser did.
You Toyota guys can keep your trucks. They look alright and all but they are still light duty trucks.
My opinion: if you plan to be doing this for many years, get a diesel. You'll be glad you did.
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