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green resistor germination

Has any one had problems with green resistor germinating this year? I live in kansas and have used this seed on 13 lawns this year the first planting was sept. 7th and i would say 40% has germinated. I have some lawns 14 days planted and nothing. I overseed two ways mostly apply seed and fert. Then slice it in. On troubled yards i double cut with half ratio applyed per pass. I use a lesco seeder set on 14 for fert. And 22 for seed. My best custmer irrigatedsand at 10:30am and 5pm for about 10 min per zone. I always hand rake thatch if there iare big clumps. Of course i have some coustemers that are not watering correctly or not at all so im not worried about there results! My question is it the seed or how i put it down.? Thanks guys
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