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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
Glad to hear you got your truck fixed. Your customer likes to play mind games with you and you must enjoy it to some degree since after your long explanation you still went out and serviced this account?. Will there be a repeat performance from your customer for your next update or will she be fired for someone else to have to deal with.
I really do understand that people in this industry need to earn a living after expenses, but to put up with all the non sence and stupidity you have described is pretty much over the top. She may be your best account and she has trained you to put up with her regardless of your circumstances, I would never waste my time and effort for such a customer in the first place. Life is really to short to squander so much emotional capital over such a customer, IMHO.
easy-lift guy
I'm going to write her letter that stuff can't go on this way. I'm expierenced and know what needs to be done and when. And I can not and will not give her a time during the day when I'll be there. If she can live with that, then I'll keep her. If not, see you!! I get tons of extras from her. Like last spring she was having a cow about her front lawn being seeded. I told her to wait a day. Nope a heavy rain came and washed some away, then she had a knuckle head spread some scotts crap killing the rest. So if I keep her i get to charge her again. I'm going to use that as an example in the letter, that if she listened and been patient she would have a nice thick front lawn instead of a dirt patch. I'll update with her response
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