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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
Same here with our Water tables. I am just hoping it is the Pacific Oscillator combined with a Sun cycle type influence. Not a much longer term Global type climate change. The southern PO can last 10, 20, 30 years in El Nino, La Nina, or Neutral. I think the PO has been in the La Nina stage which usually means drought for large areas of the US. The Sun usually changes cycles every 10 years and is supposed to go into a cooling phase beginning in 2013 ie little or no Sun Spots
Local meteorologist said that within 50 years southern Michigan will be in a climate like Kentucky has right now.

He also blew the whole La Nina "phenomena" and how it affects weather right out of the water. Out of the last 50 years when La Nina was in effect, we had between 51 and 104 inches of snow. Last year was the lowest at just over 50".

So while it affects weather, they really can't predict jack squat based on La Nina or El Nino.
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