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Our Walker is great. The cut quality is great is great, it's great for our higher end properties and great in the fall. Is it the best machine for every property? Probably not, but that's why we have are Z's. like any job some tools are just better for certain applications. If it doesn't fit your application than it may not be the mower for you.

The comments in regards to status I don't really get. If something holds a a status it's probably for a reason be it cut quality etc. I don't think anyone holds a higher status cause of the type of or cost of a mower on their trailer.

Another knock I always hear on here and from friends in the business is the extra maintenance. I always kinda laugh at that one. If we're greasing all the other equipment etc what's a few more zerks?

As for the grousing of the third wheel stripe, some may like it some may not. It's personal preference in all honesty and to be honest I've gained more customers from neighbours, and passerbys cause of the striping. And a perfect example was the other day the fuel pump failed and we didn't have the walker on the trailer and most of our customers commented on how much nicer our "other" mower (Walker) performed. Don't get me wrong are Z and walk behinds lay nice stripes but customers do notice.

Just my two cents on the debate
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