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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
Local meteorologist said that within 50 years southern Michigan will be in a climate like Kentucky has right now.

He also blew the whole La Nina "phenomena" and how it affects weather right out of the water. Out of the last 50 years when La Nina was in effect, we had between 51 and 104 inches of snow. Last year was the lowest at just over 50".

So while it affects weather, they really can't predict jack squat based on La Nina or El Nino.
You do have degrees of El Nino and La Nina. Some weak and some strong. You also have the long term and short term versions of each one. The long term one is in the South Pacific. Then you have "Neutral". I think the short term version has been in Neutral all Summer. I have seen forecasters saying things are switching to El Nino for the winter. A La Nina winter usually means fronts stay to the North which would coincide with the 51 to 104 inches of snow you got. LN usually means drought for the southern half of the US. A strong El Nino winter usually means a warmer wetter winter for the Southern half of the US with strong storms from CA to SC. Of course there are exceptions to every rule
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