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Disagree with this thread in general. I have no problem pricing leaves hourly. It' the best way IMO. I'm too busy to run around estimating leaf jobs- and then when you get there a week or two later, it's twice as bad as what you originally estimated!

EXPLAIN to people your rates, equipment you use, and efficient methods you use to clean up their property- tell them about blowing out beds, quickly vaccing up massive piles of leaves so they don't have to stuff HomeDepot bags all weekend, SELL the removal.

Or say, " Well, if we're on your property for 3 hours, it will run 270.00 plus a dump fee that's normally 20 to 25.00" (our 90.00 rate for two man crew and the equipment) Told this to a guy on the phone two days ago and he didn't flinch.
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