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Originally Posted by Larson Lawn Care View Post
I can't find a good enough price for a dump insert, so I think I am back to just a box. I am thinking about angle iron for the frame, pressure treated pine with metal slots for the boards to slide into at the 4 points, then maybe line the inside with plexiglass.
You ever think of just inserting a heavy duty tarp and doubling it up? This is what I have done for the past 6 six years...\

1- 16 x 20 tarp ~ cut to fit
4- Cables running underneath the tarp ~ 400lbs. 16 ft
4- Pieces of flat steel
  • 2- to secure to floor of trailer
  • 2- to secure to the other end of tarp

I still have some work to do on it, but just wanted to get you an idea for other options. We have had this 6x10 trailer just PACKED down and pull it right off.
We use a spare truck or tie off to something. I used to have by the gate, a WINDING system and manually removed the leaves....Mounted 2 triangular mounts on each side of trailer with a round piece of steel going across and a "T" shaped piece(3')of steel welded to the end of the round piece to make it easier to wind off..

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