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what would you do?

This is in Central Iowa (need to finish my profile)

Non-irrigated 2 acre rural lawn in rough shape. Lots of dandelion and other broadleaf rosettes, birds foot trefoil, clover, etc. 17 year old lawn and it's NEVER been aerated, interseeded, fertilized, or treated for weeds. Looks suprisingly good in a few areas of high quality soil. He mows it at 4" year round.

This drought is serious and I had 0 opportunity to do any prep work or seeding...and the clock is ticking.

Am I limited to weed control, core aerification, soil amendments, and dormant seeding given the drought? He said to use whatever seed will be best for non-irrigated lawns....was thinking of hitting the weeds with two applications and shotgun seeding fescue blends and KBG and letting the cultivars sort themselves out. He has some hard pan clay that is currently ragweed along with a bit of turf trying to hang on, a sandy area, and some decent soil in 80%, but it's pretty patchy overall....full sun.

Would like to walk away from this one, but the guy is as nice as can be and doesn't care a whole lot about initial looks...would just like a little more grass and fewer weeds next summer. How would you attack this job? FYI, he does have a well and is willing to do a little watering if needed
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