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Cub Cadet - Why the Bad Rap!

I hear people slam Cub Cadet all the time, but from what I can see, it's totally unwarranted.

The Grounds Company that handles our community areas use Cub Cadet, and the Cut Quality is Excellent and the Stripes look Beautiful. They use one, Z-Force Commercial 48" Lap, and two Commercial Tanks 60" Laps.

I watch them maneuver in and out of moderately steep ditches and climb up, down, and along landscape berms with ease. We have two big ponds, and they cut those ponds out well enough that the guys on the string trimmers just have a little touch up here and there. I also see them cutting at good speed too. I talked with these guys and the owner loved them, and said he had over 1500-hours on the two bigger units with no real maintenance issues, and the smaller Z-Force had around 800-hours and so far no issues with it either. Now one of the kids driving the mower said he liked it, but liked another brand mower better (a fast cat).

I know people think of them as a Big Box Mowers, and for whatever reason that is suppose to make them a lesser mower? But I don't think you can buy a Commercial Cub Cadet out of a Big Box, at least I've never see one in a big box.

But there is a guy in the area who cuts smaller residential lawns with a Cub Cadet Wide Area 33" or 34" and it too leaves an Excellent cut. I stopped and asked him what he thought, and he said he has been using it for 2-years now and other than regular maintenance (blades & oil changes), he has had no problems with it and he had over 300-hours on it. He had a Commercial Honda 21 on his trailer, but said he preferred the Cubby because of its bigger deck. He was also using a Toro Timecutter MX 50" Zero Turn for his commercial business, which he loved too. I'm not picking on him, all his equipment is paid off and making him enough money he had a $7,000 enclosed trailer and a 2010 F250 Pickup that he said he paid cash for them. so clap clap for him! Point being, he loved his Cub Cadet Wide Area mower and had no real maintenance issue with it.

So why are the Cub being slammed?
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