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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Well, it is Cub Cadet, they are owned my MTD and they are only one step up from a MTD.

If you like the mowers then buy them. Don't worry about what anybody else says. It's also unlikely that you'll change anybody's mind by arguing in favor of the Cub Cadet.

Hell, if I listened to most of the people here at Lawnsite, I would have sold my Dixie Chopper and bought another Exmark a long time ago. I'm happy with my Dixie and I don't care who doesn't like them.
I was telling the Bad Boy Rep, the best deck design has to go to Dixie Chopper because I saw them cut 14" grass and never leave a stringer. I was FLOORED!

Oh.. I wasn't trying to change anyone's mind, just wondering the reason why the slamming...
Peace Out...
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