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Before I spent a dime, I would sit down with a pen and paper and write a business plan, you need to do some market research as well, get family and friends to get quotes from some of the local companies to get an idea of the pricing for your market, get pricing for everything you can think of IE: shrub work, mulch installs, regular maint plans, clean outs, as these are the things that you will start out doing. You will need to decide what is going to be your specialty, not just cutting either anyone can do that. Take on some small landscaping jobs they will create a quicker profit and get some cash built up for you. You will need some operating capital get as much as you can, I put 15% of every job back into the operating account so there is always money there to work with, trust me you'll need it. Once you get some cash flow going, build as much of a cushion as possible, set small goals, say a thousand dollars then go to five then 10 and so on and so on. Never and I mean never drain your bank account down to zero just to get a job in, I've made that mistake it almost proved disastrous. There is much more, but just some things to think about! Your first step is to create cash flow, then worry about profit and as you go you can create more profit but without cash flow your dead in the water, I've taken on jobs that weren't great profit wise but they created cash flow in the short term and that's how you pay your bills.
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