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Super Z Productivity

Many people say the high speeds on mowers such as the Hustler Super Z, Scag Cheetah, Bad Boy, and Dixie Chopper cannot be utilized as cutting speeds. This is not true, in many large, flat, open areas, these faster mowing speeds can be utilized.

I just cut 2.85 acres around 3 chicken houses with a Hustler Super 35/72" in 38 minutes. I know the exact square footage because of knowing the exact size of all 3 buildings, and the distance between, and outside the buildings. I once surveyed for a living and personally staked the houses for construction, meaning there is no guess work as to the 2.85 acres I stated.

I had to trim around 3 - 8' x 16' concrete pads large enough for each to hold 3...10 ton feed tanks. I had to trim around a 10' x 12' building that holds a 110 KW generator and transfer switch, 3...1000 gallon propane tanks, and another 10' x 20' covered concrete pad holding 2 incinerators.

The Kawasaki FX1000V pulling the 72" deck is using 1.8 gallons of fuel per hour, the math on the amount cut based on fuel usage does not look bad when cutting and trimming what would be the equivalent of 4.5 acres per hr. at the rate I was cutting.

I timed this particular area for a reason of seeing just how fast the new machine would cut a known amount, while knowing it takes my other 28/66" Super Z 50 minutes to mow this same area. I will say I ran the mower at full stick in the long straight away passes; pushing to see just how fast I could mow this amount of grass. I will also say I would not normally push quite that hard...but close to it.

What this shows is the amount of productivity one can get from faster mowing speeds, if the higher speed can be utilized.
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