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Originally Posted by catpride22 View Post
A demo with 180 hours on it has alot more life taken from it than just 180 hours.When i demo a mower i always check blades there always shot even if it only has 5 hours on it,2nd i check the oil most of the time its atleast quart low,3rd check hydro oil usualy thats good but some times its low,and then check air filter dont be to sure that the last guy that demoed it didnt take it for his mower,in my region people demo mowers when in a pinch or just to see how much nasty sh@t they can mow with it.You never know what people have done to a demo then dropped it off making funny noises and act like they know nothing if you think that people dont abuse demo's or rental cars than your mistaken.Buyong a demo is like letting someone test ride your wife before you merry her, no thanks.
It may have been demoed, but with 180 hrs., I'd say its been in a loaner lineup. I would think it to be very hard to put 180 hrs. on a demo mower without it being sold long before that high number of hrs. rolled over.
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