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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
High priced maintenance nightmares. I had one and really don't miss it. There isn't anything it can do that a properly set up ztr can't. Productivity is no match for ztr. When they start wearing out they become frustrating to use. Wait until something breaks and you get the parts prices alone nevermind the labor charges.
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Come with me for a day and I will prove you wrong on the ztr theory. Productivity is relative to the property you are doing. If you were doing a 350 year old cemetery which wasn't designed for commercial mowers, the average space between stones was 48" and the whole property had to be bagged, would you stand by your statement? Every mower has a place, for what we do NO mower has matched a Walker, we have z's, have demoed standers and other types of mowers. I don't believe it is a superior to everything mower but for people who need the pros the Walker has to offer there is no equal IMHO.
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