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Originally Posted by Schrock lawn and land View Post
Well today I forgot to do the little thing (idk what it's called ) that locks the trailer to the ball and was going to take the mower off to switch mowers around and as I was driving my g3 off thought the trailer was getting kinda low on the back the. Go to drive off the gate and the tounge flies in the air , not to mention about 4 of my neibors were out and watching me
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Better to have caught it then rather than when you're driving down the road, hit a bump, and it disconnects from the truck while in traffic.

On a side note, I've seen something else similar happen. Truck driver went to drop a trailer in our parking lot (this was when I worked at a department store), and he forgot to lower the trailer's landing gear before disconnecting. Trailer slid off the hitch, and slammed nose-first to the ground. I ran out there to see what the big bang was, saw the trailer, and the guy says to me "not the first time this has happened to me. Probably won't be the last."
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