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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post

up here there are quite a few extremely well manicured and irrigated lawns that range in size from 1-3 acres. They would be just the type of place for an SZ, but you wouldn't be able to benefit from its speed on any of them and still leave a perfect cut behind like most of these people would expect from an LCO. Now where you live, I doubt that you are fertilizing all of it and it is probably mainly field type grass I am guessing?If so, the fast top speeds may work out very well on that type of turf, but after doing the math, it just doesn't seem like it would be the cleanest looking cut on even that type of turf.

I may be way wrong, but after running the numbers, I just can't see how that few of strikes per inch of forwards travel can leave a clean cut.
I've heard this many times, and had many in the lawn maintenance business come to find out for themselves if grass could be cut satisfactorily at these high speeds. They all left shaking there heads, and some have made the statement, I really don't understand how the blades can keep up when cutting that fast.

Here is a post from one person in the lawn maintenance business that did not believe you could cut grass at high speeds without leaving uncut grass. So as you will see from this also unbelieving person, he found out exactly what I've said in this post, as well as what I have said for years concerning speed and cut quality. You also must remember, the southern stiff blade grasses I cut is totally different from the limp blade northern grasses you cut.

Originally Posted by TomberLawn View Post
I've become friends with Lawnsite member "puppypaws" through PMs and email and today I visited to try out his Hustler Super Z (66" Kohler 28hp EFI).

The Hustler Super Z is amazing. I didn't really think you could mow grass at 15 mph and be comfortable and get a clean cut. The Hustler does it. The Flex Forks and Flex suspension seat combined with SmoothTrak steering makes for a very enjoyable machine. I couldn't believe how it felt like the mower just floated over the ground. I asked if the mower handled that well from day one or if it had loosened up some in 350 hrs of operation and he said it had always been that easy to handle.

The cut quality is excellent. I'm not sure what type of grass we were cutting, but it was in decent shape. It wasn't manicured, but it wasn't a weedy field. I would expect a few straggling weeds, especially cutting at 15 mph, but there were none. The XR-7 deck with Fusion blades leaves a flawless cut at any speed.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Hustler Super Z. Amazing speed, comfortable ride and handling, and good fuel economy with enough power to get the job done.
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