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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
Muddy: 1 - How about you introduce yourself or put a proper signature line on your posts? It is a drag having to converse with a total stranger.

2 - Are you a pro or not? if you are a pro, then you had best be doing your installations in a professional manner and that includes following the applicable local, state and national codes.

Nothing puts a worse stain on this industry than those operators who convince customers to entrust them with their hard earned money, who then show up and install less than professional systems that either do not pass code requirements, prematurely fail, or do not deliver the performance and effect that was expected.

Do us all a favor; learn the regulations, guidelines, practices and codes and then put them into effect in all of your systems. You will be the better for it, for a long time to come.

P.S. No it does not make much sense, but it is not ours to challenge by bending the rules. Want to make a positive change? Join local and national organizations like the AOLP, IES, PLANET and others and then get on the committees that work to produce the guidelines and regulations that govern us.
How many on here have there low voltage license?

It just doesnt make sense to go 18". It isnt any safer. When we install low voltage irrigation wire under a sidewalk to mount controller in garage it is a bore a few inches under sidewalk slab. Never had an incident in 1000 systems we have installed, and never will have an incident. 18" below the slab is 22"+... that is crazy for a low voltage wire... in my opinion.

And i know for a fact an inspector wouldnt even think about checking depth on a low voltage system. They are too lazy to even inpect a trench depth for 220v we install for electricians periodically. And that DOES need to be deep.
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