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Originally Posted by S. Scapes View Post
I own a 27 hp CC lawn tractor with a 54'' deck I use at my home. I love it. It has plenty of power to haul tree limbs and makes a pretty good cut. I've had zero problems with it and cranks up every time. I haven't had to replace anything other than blades. It has 240 hours on it and it runs like the first day I got it five years ago.
I've also ran a 50 inch residential ztr. If you're cutting off more than 2 inches, it'll clog up and clump bad but I wasn't surprised considering it wasn't commercial grade. Other than that, it's a pretty good machine and worth the money
You're putting 50 hours a year on your tractor. We run between 600-700 hours per year on each Z. There's no comparison.
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