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Originally Posted by lawnsaspire View Post
Do you do your cleanups weekly or when all the leaves are down RidinGreen?
By the way I decided to go with the Kawasaki 750 Bp. I'll let you know what I think. I've had some extra expenses with repairs and it'll be $360 after $50 rebate. Seemed to have similar specs to the other big blowers we talked about.
I think you'll probably like that BP just fine. The dealer I was going to go to has them for $439, but that's after the mail-in rebate. If you bought online, did you ask about repair or return policy? just curious what they said, because it sounds like you got a smokin' deal.

As for the leaves, I did them however the person wanted them. If they wanted weekly, I did that. Same for one time clean-ups, but I explained that one time clean-ups take alot longer to do, especially if it gets any snow on it before I get there, and there's more to haul away (if I need to haul, it depends on the property), so costs go up accordingly. Most were fine with once a week since that's what the mowing had been anyway.
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