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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
How many on here have there low voltage license?

It just doesnt make sense to go 18". It isnt any safer. When we install low voltage irrigation wire under a sidewalk to mount controller in garage it is a bore a few inches under sidewalk slab. Never had an incident in 1000 systems we have installed, and never will have an incident. 18" below the slab is 22"+... that is crazy for a low voltage wire... in my opinion.

And i know for a fact an inspector wouldnt even think about checking depth on a low voltage system. They are too lazy to even inpect a trench depth for 220v we install for electricians periodically. And that DOES need to be deep.

Irrigation is 24volt systems, mechanics change batteries and work on 12volt cars all day long. Yet in NJ installing a 12volt landscape lighting system is against the law unless your have a electrical license. (not a low voltage, not a communication, not a data license..... A full blown ec.) Does it make any sense? Hell no. But its the law. Do I think its dumb and silly....... of course. Have I also seen transformers melt down that have no secondary protection.... Of course. There is a certain company who offered stainless steel transformers when no circuit breakers or fuses and when things go bad ive seen taps melted to almost nothing. Remember that if you have a 20 amp breaker on the primary line it would take almost 250 amps (depending upon break manu) to trip the main line. There for you have 200 amps (of 12 volts) arching in a stainless steel case sometimes mounted on the home.

Some guys ruin it for all of us. Sometimes its crap installs. Sometimes its labor unions (NJ) but whatever the case the law is the law. If you have to break to law to get the install done its 1 of 2 things. Either A. Your not charging enough for your service to do it right the first time. Or B. Your to incompetent as a professional to know what your doing. Its your job to do things the right way. If the homeowner questions your price its now your job to inform them why your price is your price.

As a side not calling you incompetent ( Idk who you are)....... Most of us on here take this very very seriously. We are not jack of all trades. We do lighting 100 percent as a profession. So regardless of how "******ed" laws might be its our duty to follow them
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