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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I mulch them and then do an end of season final clean up. Easier, no complaints when the leaves are still falling on the lawn, make decent extra money for not much extra time, really depends on the area and how much leaf cover. As in I'm not going to wait 4 weeks then try to mulch. I'm mowing still during "leaf season" so I think it just works better. Sometimes the final clean up can be a lot but usually with the weekly mulching it ends up being just making sure all the beds are blown out and leaves mulched. I'll take away if needed. I usually leave at the curb for the town. I don't have a kit just mulch blades, not the wavy ones but the ones with the 4 "teeth". Shreds them pretty good. Just need multiple passes.
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I pretty much do the same thing as you. It works for me. I however have to start the removal process early on a few places. The leaves get over baring within a month to the point I can't keep up. That's when I start bagging and remove them. No curbside pick up here.
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