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Originally Posted by mach14604 View Post
I bought the TT with 28hp Cat. One word Beast
Read below

Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I've run two new mowers side by side, one with a 33 hp Generac (equal to the 35 Vanguard), and the other with the 28 hp, 3 cylinder Cat diesel. The Generac made the Cat look sick, we put them in very big grass to see what both engines had to offer, the Generac powered mower just walked off and left the 28 Cat. The Cat being horizontal is only putting about 25 hp to the blades. There was so much difference in how both engines handled the big grass, one would need to see, to believe it.

The Cat powered mower could not maintain its high end operating rpms, it had to be run virtually as slow as possible to keep from killing the engine, whereas the Generac never slowed. I mean it was sad to see what was an expensive Cat diesel had to offer in comparison to the big block Generac. You only need to demo the Cat and Vanguard on the same deck to see the difference for yourself.

The 4 cylinder 35 hp Cat is a totally different engine, much smoother operation, and power far beyond that of the smaller 3 cylinder.

If you demo the 28 Cat and 35 Vanguard on weekly cut grass, you will not notice much of a power slump with the diesel, but if you get into thick large grass, or large damp grass, you will see the difference immediately.
You were the first person I thought of when I saw this thread. Great post.
I have a feeling "Mach" hasn't cut tall over grown grass with his yet.
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