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Cub Commercial and Lesco were virtually the same machines and excellent at that.
I would have bought a new one if Lesco were still in business and still sold them.
They are heavy duty with quality name brand components and the actual mowers are over built like most commercial mowers are.
I just sold my Lesco Z2 60" with 25hp Kawasaki and it was an excellent mower.
I never had any problems with mine and I can be hard on equipment.
I could have bought a new one but, don't care for the dealer here. I actually looked at the new CC 60 and it really looks great.
I still have a Lesco hydro walkbehind and it's a monster.
52" cut, 19hp Kawasaki and it's the "wide track" model which means the wheel motors are set out about 6-8 inches so it climbs very well.

Over the years Lesco and CC have gotten a bad rap mostly from people who are fiercely brand loyal or who are simply uninformed.
I must admit I was one of them until I tried them.
One thing I miss terribly is the floating axle on the Lesco Z2, the CC still uses it.
Another innovative feature on the CC model are the wash ports on the deck where you can hook up a water hose at different points to the top of the deck and wash the underside.

The only way to determine what you like is to actually use it for yourself.
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