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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
No I don't, that looks good to me from what I can see (though no matter how good a pic a person takes, it isn't the same as being there to see in person).

However, I can gaurantee you that if you did that on the grass around where I am, you'd have a lot of stringers left behind at that speed, especially this year with the drought. It really made things tough to deal with for most of the summer. Now that we are into fall and have had a few rains, I can at least speed up to a decent level and still get the QOC I expect.
Take my word for it, if there was any grass or weeds left standing on anything I cut, I would not own the mower. You could lay down and look across the grass at eye level, which I have, and not have concerns about any grass or weeds left uncut.

I will show you another picture of wild grasses and Buckhorn Plantain cut with a Bad Boy lightning at full speed, of which they advertise to be 14 mph. Maybe you do not have this in Michigan, but Buckhorn Plantain and Dandelions are two of the toughest weeds you will ever cut while attempting to get all the stems in one pass. They have a wiry, tough stem, that is limp, meaning it will not stand well with air turbulence from a tunnel design deck, making it very difficult to cut in one pass. The XR-7 deck when cutting at 3" or below does a very good job, as does the VX4 deck on my new Super Z. This is pretty impressive to see what the Lightning did at full stick, and no, this is not manicured grass, yet something I consider much harder to cut cleanly in one pass at fast mowing speeds.

The Exmark UltraCut deck is the best for cutting manicured, irrigated grass, the reason is because the UltraCut possesses more suction than any deck on the market today. You will need to scrape the UltraCut more often for the fact it processes the grass into smaller clippings than a tunnel deck; which is designed to take and process more grass at faster speeds while discharging it as larger clippings. The smaller clippings from the UltraCut will filter into standing grass and disappear much easier; while leaving a beautiful manicured look where grass clippings are not visible. A tunnel designed deck discharges larger clippings, making it much harder for them to filter in and disappear.

What mowers do you run?

The Badboy I used was a trial to compare it against a Super Z.

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