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You know i was just trying to give this fella some what i thought was good advise,i see how people bring back loaners/demo's in my area and i dont care how much money there taking off the price im not buying it.But as usual people on this web site just want to attack people instead of saying maybe there is some truth to what the guy is saying.Im not a newbie to this industry been mowing for 25 years,and just for your info i get a new mower every 1500 hrs now you can laugh and almost spill your coffee and make stupid remarks like a bunch of high school bullies,but i made some valid points and when your demo with 500 hrs on it has a pump or spindle go out early you will know why.You know every new member here has some good info on something but if members just make fun of them because they think differant than then them they will just take there info somewhere else,i personaly have alot of new and old equipment and would be scared to dare tell about it because some member may laugh at me or say thats stupid.You guys need to rethink your hazing process.
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