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I have a navigator so its pretty similar. While the cut is similar to a ztr, its a bagging machine. I can bag wet grass at a good clip. I can bag tall grass almost full stick when dry. One thing with floating deck is you'll notice how uneven a property really is. It floats and contours with the ground in like a ztr. A bagger on the back of a ztr is about as clumbsy as it comes, plus it adds about 12" to the discharge side taking up room on a trailer, and adding more trim work in certain areas. I don't notice any more maintaining it than a ztr. The flip up deck is nice to take blades off. Being able trim going either way makes the a difference. As far as the controls between your legs, on a straight away you just sit back and relax. On curves or turns its just slight pressure. No swinging your arms around. For large areas or non bag areas I use my 60" ztr.
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