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Every tree needs drainage unless it grows in water, which cedars may or may not do for extended periods of time... arbor vitae is another type of cedar, in fact they are interchangeable as common reference in my neighborhood...

It is generally not wise to fertilizer woody plants in the Fall because it may interfere with their 'hardening off' process...

dig the hole fill it with water and watch it drain... add your ammendments put in the plants and wash in the dirt as you flood the hole with water again... be sure the roots are covered and that there is a dish around the drip zone of the plant making it easy to flood again 2 more times in the following week...

doing this ensures a 100% survival rate(as long as sensible care continues)...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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