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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
She's pretty fun to roll around in the hay with too
Keith, have fun with the old lady but watch where you stick your pitchfork while playing in the hay. You may burn the tip!

I have a Walker, its a year 2000 with a 26 EFI and I love it. It has made me much money and continues to do so every time I use it. I started out using it as a main mower. I have a 42 GHS deck but I quickly learned that I shouldn't bag all customers lawns. I also have a 52 SD with double blades and used that as a main for a while. I had an opportunity to buy a 62" Toro Z and I have used that as my main for about 8 years now. The Walker is paid for and is used but in the spring and fall for clean ups as well as being used for spraying lawns in those seasons. It has over 2000 hours on it and I have replaced a few idler pulleys, a starter and a hydro motor. Still it makes me very good money and my business needs it. I will admit that it probably isn't for everyone and some may say that it is alot of money to do what I do with it however I can't find one machine that is so versatile to use in my business. So I will continue to take care of my Walker as best as I can and replace what may need replacing but I will always have a Walker in my stable. Keiths mowers must have a good exhaust leak. That was a good read.
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