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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
If you do 2-3 million a year and cant write a 40k check out of operating expenses.... something is terribly wrong.

There is no advantage to financing....unless you dont have the cash.

And 0% is not 0%.

Not true. I dont know what your company back ground/service mix is but wer are about 70% commercial installation work, meaning we work for a general contractor, but on those jobs you dont usually collect your money until 4-6 months after completing the job. I can tell you right now we are jsut getting checks in for jobs we did in the beginning of the year, and the jobs we are doing now we will see over winter. Plus in all of the commercial stuff, we have retention that is held, sometimes for 1 year even up to 2 years. So you cant just cut a check for 40k at the drop of the hat to get equipment when you have payroll, vendors, etc that all want a piece of the pie when you get a check in.
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