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At first, i was impressed. This was my first commercial mower; a 36" manual start. I think it's called a fox or super fox? I got good service over the phone. I must have bought when they were a new company, and could get help easily. I managed to fix alot myself (to my surprise). I had deck trouble. My model didn't come with reinforcement bars. I had to get get it welded a few times. The last half of my 5 years with the machine, i wasn't happy. I replaced more clutches, spindles, cables than i can remember, and went through 3 engines. I didn't abuse my mower; but i thought this can't be right. My second commercial mower is a 2000 exmark (old and beatup). I now realize the difference. This exmark is practically indestructible. I replaced the muffler and some belts. It has no clutch. When working properly, i liked the quick 36, but the amount of parts i had to replace was a big turnoff.
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