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Sharpcut 1: stator leads=27.00VAC @ full throttle. Tried new regulator with all the same results I posted. Have not tried dc-to-battery jumper yet, but not sure how that can have any effect if I'm never getting high enough voltage from the stator to start with.

Mickhippy: Mower was purchased new Aug of 09. As per the fault showing earlier, I'm a battery tender freak. I put every thing I have that uses a battery on a tender when I'm done with it. I didn't realize what was going on until I left the mower off of a tender for a few weeks. Even now this problem isn't too much of an inconvenience as I just top off the battery with a tender after every mow.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Didn't we used to have a Hustler rep that frequented this forum?
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