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Originally Posted by Billsz28 View Post
Thanks tlmarrio I found the thread interesting. Unfortunately I think I found bad news. I got the mower up to my shop to check it out yesterday and found that the machine had burned about 1/3+ quart of oil since I saw it last Saturday, and it was not used heavily by any means this week. Also the machine is bone dry on the bottom so no leaks.

The machine has 639 hours. I pulled both plugs again and replaced them with new. The #2 cylinder plug looked fine while the #1 cylinder was black and showing signs of oil getting into
the combustion chamber.

Also upon inspection the area around th head gasket on cylinder #1 was very dirty with what appeared to be oil? The #2 cyl. Was fine and clean. I have attached pics of both spark plugs and of the Area around #1 cyl. head gasket being dirty.

I observed major blow-by Comming out the oil dipstick tube. Somehow the crankcase is becoming pressurized. My guess is spent rings on the #1 cylinder and/or worn valve guides. Any ideas?

I am awaiting my leakdown tester and I will post results as soon as I can.

How cost/labor intensive is reconditioning the cylinder bore/ piston&rings to fix the problem? Also depending on the leakdown results would the valves have to be reground and the faces recut?

I am an auto mechanic, but service small equipment/ rebuild 2-cycle equipment on a daily basis so I think I could handle this with the right tools. Thanks in advance. I'll keep the thread updated in case others have similar issues
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Did you check the head gasket real well in where it seperates from the push rod valley. the briggs ohv are noted for leaking in that area it creates enough neg pressure in the block that oil blows out the fuel pump diaphram.
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