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This is a very tough to try and come up with. Differnt variety of shrubs require very differnt pruning methods. I know a majority (not all but a majority) of the people on this site and a large percentage of the lawn mowers out there just get the hedge trimmers and hack all the shrubs into globes. But all the plants really require differbt pruning.

We prune shrubs to have a natural shape that us clean so the continue to flower. Shrubs get prubed once per year and the timing is dependent on the variety of the shrub. After that we will prune as needed to take down suckers, shoots, dead branches etc. Formal hedges such as juniper yew boxwood we will trim two times per year and prune as needed. With our meathid you really cant put a price on a per shrub except for maybe hedges hut we estimate our hours and price accordingly.
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